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Dubzz Digital Marketing

Dubzz Digital Marketing has been a proud supporter of Rotorua Community Hospice since 2015.

Dubzz Digital Marketing is a Rotorua-based online marketing agency, providing digital marketing solutions to organisations across New Zealand. Dubzz began their sponsorship work with Rotorua Community Hospice in 2015, and their relationship has evolved into an ongoing collaboration over the years. Initially, Dubzz began by assisting in the setup of the ‘Dancing for Hospice’ Facebook page, and streamlining the online ticket sales process for their annual “Dancing for Hospice” fundraising event.

In 2018, Dubzz sponsored the development of a new website for Rotorua Community Hospice. This strategic move enabled Rotorua Community Hospice to share personal narratives, publish news and event information, and seamlessly accept online donations with a system that integrated the new website and their existing CRM. The website also featured a donation calculator, allowing visitors to see the tangible impact of financial contributions.

In 2021, Dubzz Director Rachel McRae took on an advisory role by joining the Hospice board. Her business, marketing, and strategy expertise has deepened collaboration between Hospice and Dubzz, enabling Dubzz to contribute their industry knowledge to Hospice’s ongoing strategic development.

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“You have to be going through it to really appreciate what they do”

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